Of Clothes, selfies and #sharetheload

What do the mice do when the cat is away/asleep? Well they play. What if we apply this logic to our daily life? Being the wife to a sales manager who travels 22 days a month, I know the pain of making sure enough clothes are ready to be packed, they are washed on time and more over they are rotated properly.

When I got the Ariel pack, I wrote to the husband, “Be ready for learning how to use the washing machine ;) Let us #sharetheload.” He was on a work trip so he replies to the texts rather late and I have got used to it.

However his last trip was rather long, I had not seen him for about 7 days. We chatted till 2 am and then dozed off. The next morning, post the walk, I took a nap and I woke up for find a series of selfies on my phone.

The pile of colored clothes with the whites

The pile of colored clothes with the whites



Let us get to some washing

Let us get to some washing

Divide the clothes between whites and colored.

Divide the clothes between whites and colored.


The nap was interrupted by a loud thud. I woke up, startled. When I peeped in the dry area, I found the husband with a bucket of water, testing the clothes for a leak of color <3. He had dropped the bucket, looked at me, smiled and started mopping it all up.

On any other day, I would have got mad at him but today I decided against it and went off to the kitchen to cook up something that we both love. :)

This wash Bucket challenge reminded me a few things:

  • The Husband watches and learns the chores, damn well.
  • It is very easy to see the incorrect before the correct.
  • Couples that share a smile together will wipe a tear together, as well.

So what did you learn from the #sharetheload?



New page, New life #together #lookup.

For me, it feels like a journey to weight loss that i have been on, has lasted forever. Having been a trained classical dancer for a good part of my growing up years, the body craved for the regime and I neglected it for too long.

Last Thursday, I met a lovely yoga instructor and an alternate medicine practitioner. I felt the warmth and the patient ear she lent. Some people just make your day with their presence and unconditional smile. We got to chit chatting about life in general. The kind of things that interest me, the life I have led till date, the routine I have had and etc etc.

It was only after a few minutes in the conversation, I realized that she has been taking notes for her new student. Such is the power of a good conversation, you will never know how scene changed if it is fluid.

I have not been ashamed of the current weight that I have reached, so I thought. Who does not want to fit in smaller size clothes? Size 18/16 itself looks so unflattering when we pick it up at the store. Oh and the pain of stores that do not store sizes above 12/14 :|  Who does not want to pretend to be okay one takes a flight of stairs more then 2-3? Who does not want to be fit for their partner? In fact who does not want to be more fit for child bearing? I certainly do.

Chatting with her made me not squirm under my skin. She really pulled me out very quickly and the healing process started in someway. It was because of her motivation that I could clock 14K steps for the first time. Her yoga sessions are not one-size-fit-all. They are tailored for each person based on their need. She believes in the fact that, if you are ready to work hard with me the scales and your clothes will not lie. In fact her disciples are on a strict one month probation, if the results are not visible, she wont continue. She was dead sure that if we work hard enough for atleast 90 days, I would feel so much more better about myself, health wise.

Sometimes it only takes a stranger to open our heart to. A fresh perspective which is also positive can do wonders.

I cant wait to star with her from Wednesday, till then intermittent fasting and atleast 5 km walk each day. Wish me luck and keep an eye on me so that I don’t go astray.

Rajashri Paralikar is the wonderful lady. She is strong, polite, a ball of energy and someone so positive.

I share my life’s this phase of optimism with housing.com

More soon.



Looking around and finding hope #lookup

In the kind of world that we live in today, there are a few things that give me hope. These are regular, mundane things if we look at them objectively, but they gave me a reason to smile today.

The house help came home today looking all tired and starved, I asked her whats up. She said she had found a bag full of money near the parking lot and had given it to the security guard. I said good, but why the tensed look. She said, the security guys took the money from the purse and divided among themselves. I told her that I can go the manager of the building with her and tell him the same. She said all that is solved now, the lady who had forgot the bag got it. What was bothering her was that why do people take things that dont belong to them. I smiled at her, made some tea for her and gave a little snack to cheer her up.

The husband came home around lunch time to drop off the stuff from his trip. He came armed with a huge brown bad of goodies. Just when I was about to rate him “Meets expectation ocassionally” in his annual appraisal, I decided to award a “Meets expectation”. He announced that someone in his company gave him this box of goodies as a welcome to the new region. There were two really great khakhras packs, dry fruit kachoris, milk cake pedas, a junagarh special tea time snack and a bottle of water. Such an awesome gesture from a man who is so well placed in his business comes as a welcome change.

On my walk today, I came across a wall. It was about 700 mtrs long and was painted by students of schools across the Thane region. What caught my fancy was the bold use of colors, the idea behind the issues highlighted and the encouragement that made them do this. I blessed all the souls responsible for this beautiful wall in a silent prayer.

Moving a little ahead, I found a young boy helping his mother and grand mother lift the vegetables bags and put in the car boot. He could have easily sat in the Skoda and played on the iPad but he was out there with them. I took a mental note of this and prayed that my kids are like this too.

An old man, in his 50’s was filling water a bottle at a time and taking to an abandoned building. He did it about three times, I walked a little further to find that he was watering the plants there and talking to them. There is something so touching about the grandies that makes my heart melt.

I wrote this beautiful post for a topic suggested by Housing.com.



The 1000 Km journey to reach home

My journey to reach home began in Jan, 2015 when the pati got a chance to move to a new town. Yesterday, mindlessly, I tried to see the distance between the two homes, one in Bangalore and the other in new city (details shall unfold soon). It came to about a 1000 km and the number stuck in my head. :)

It shall take a thousand km to reach a place that shall be my home for years to come. The anxiety to leave Namma Bengaluru is overwhelming. One day I panic, one day I am overjoyed and one day I am in despair.

The packing part of the house is almost done but how do we pack the feelings?

The new girl in town straight from college, the first day at first job, the finding an apartment by myself, the learning to cook, infallible moments with friends I made at work, the sister I found in Karuna, learning to drive in the big town, mad dancing in clubs on bollywood nights, falling in love with the best friend, getting married, setting up the house after the wedding, meeting and getting to know my babe Sheelu, joining a new organization, learning new things, making extraordinary friends who were only-blogger’s-I-know once (Monika, Swati and Apsy) :*, having a beautiful family that had relatives we chose (Agarwal’s, Chakraborty’s, Shankar’s, Gupta’s, Batra’s…), Rangashankara trips with friends or all by myself, wonderla…

Oh the list is a huge Huge HUGE one. I wish the one way ticket that I bought for 18th Feb gives me same/more opportunities to experience things that I never thought I would.

Source: knowyourmeme(dot)com



Why do people honk in India? #MB2015

I have been driving for the last 9 years or so. I learnt how to drive in Udaipur and then banged the car for the first time on Bangalore Roads. With a Bangalore driving experience of almost 6.5 years now, I can comfortably say that I have found out most of the reasons why people use the horn so much in India.

Here is my list:

  • Watch out, you silly pedestrian, I want to go before you can cross the road.
  • Oh Holy Cow urinating on the street, get out of the way.
  • Oh Damn how dare you two wheeler person, I take double the space on the road and pay double the road tax, I get to go before you.
  • Move Move there is an Ambulance behind us.
  • Hah! Four wheeler person, look at me showing off. I came from wayyy behind you in the traffic and I am standing next to you. If only you would move, I would be first in line. MOVE NOW
  • Oh Hello! Stop applying the short breaks just because you have to read the new whatsapp text.
  • Excuse me lady in the driver’s seat, you dont know shit about driving, MOVE MOVE MOVE.
  • Honk honk… Did you recognize me? “Oh Helloooo Old friend’s friend, what are you doing in this town? Give me your number yaar. We will meet.”
  • Oh Lord BMTC, thank you for showing those few fingers to indicate that you are going to jump lanes. HONKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.
  • Oh School kids, let me help them cross the road. I will stop my car and make others stop as well. Dude behind you goes all “WTF man, I have to reach Toit” HONKKK
  • Check it out man, I have got a custom car with a silencer that farts. Brooom vrrroooomm… HONK HONK.. Well you didn’t see my car, I had to honk.
  • I need to go from right side of the lane to the extreme left and then take a U turn in the service lane, how do I do it. HONK HONK HONK. Swalpa Adjust maadi.
  • Honk Honk… Auto Bhaiya Garuda mall jana hai, chaloge? nahi…. okay. HONK HONK… Please chalo na bhaiya.
  • Abbey yaar, Pinku ki gaadi humse aage nikal gayi, chal bhaga bhaga. HONK HONK move you traffic move :|
  • Red light.. On honk. It turned green like a second back MOVE MOVE HONK HONK

Can you think of anymore rediculous reasons why people honk? Let me know, I would love to add.

Oh and do watch this funny Ellen video <3 Stop being horny honky :| I love every point she makes

Happy Tuesday to you.



Of 2015 and new beginnings #52WeeksofGratitudeChallenge #MB2015

I had mentioned about this really awesome challenge that I am taking up for 2015. :)

Week 1: Why Start this challenge? –

We live in a time and generation where:

  • It has become so easy to throw brickbats at the second person we see.
  • we are distanced from relatives and even siblings.
  • it has become very easy to find someone else to put the blame on.
  • people find it difficult to say I am sorry, thank you and I love you.
  • there are acts of terror every now and then…

Even though it all might be so cold out there, these posts every week shall make sure we stay warm and loved and cared for. <3

Go ahead take up this challenge and share the warmth.



52 weeks of Gratitude Challenge

Happy New Year :)

So, the par excellence group of Marathon Bloggers, have come together to take up this new challenge head on. What is it all about?

Folks over at Local Adventure came up with this beautiful list of prompts to blog about, all centered around gratitude.


So are you taking this up with me? We start from this Sunday aka 4 Jan, 2015.



Of Truth, Disguise and Love

A few days back I got a rather disturbing text from my mother.

She wrote that “Sorry for not telling you this earlier Beta, but I fainted 4 times in November because my my blood Pressure. I was missing a medicine longer than I had known. My body went cold and it felt like I was almost gone. We told P (the husband) about it and thought it is best he didn’t tell you yet. I am much better now.”

What would you do in such a situation? Is there a way to react that shall be treated as “better/good”. I thought it would be wise to collect myself first then speak to her. All these months she had been talking to me as if it was all okay. There was no shiver in her voice and no panic.

This got me wondering about how we hide the truth with an intention but does not feel the same way to the person it is hidden from. We cloak the pain in nice words, gossips and laughter. Sometimes it feels like betrayal while other times it feels like a warm blanket.

Have you ever hidden anything from someone you love because you fear it might hurt them?

When did we become so weak in the knee that we fail to understand how a 30 year old person will react to a text like this. Trust me when I say this, I didnt have a reaction to this for two day but yesterday tears rolled down while I was driving.

I didnt want to imagine a world without my mum in it. I told her to tell me the truth the next time because this disguise for love hurt me a lot.

I personally make it point to tell everything to P, the good, bad and the ugly too. When I cat say it, I write it. Makes both our work easier. He has all the patience to deal with me. He didn’t tell me about mommy because he was asked him not to. I still have a bone to pick with him for that but everything said and done she is fine and doing just great.

Pray for mommy dearest’s health and send her healing wishes please.



This post is written for Indiblogger happy hours.

Watch this beautiful father daughter ad from Kinley <3 I love the expressions Ashish Vidhyarthi gives in this one. From anger to quizzical to loving. Hope you liked this advert too. :)