First of Many #AtoZBlogging


They earned quiet a bit, but still every month end they struggled to  meet the ends. This  month she got a small bonus and he got an incentive as well. Their happiness was at the peak because they could see the prospect of buying their first Air Conditioner.

They went to the nearest  shop and naively asked simple questions. It was a big purchase and they wanted to be sure of doing it all right.

After 4 years of marriage,  it is lovely to have firsts like these. They instill your faith.

The days were more bearable and nights, more cozy.


This post is for A-Z challenge 2016. My theme for 2016 A-Z Challenge is Every day stories in 100 words.


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2 thoughts on “First of Many #AtoZBlogging

  1. Just starting out can be expensive and comes down to many choices. Later on the choices remain, and often we are on second or third or more decisions that we have to make because things tend to wear out.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

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