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“We can’t  keep you, mother.” Said Ian to Anna. “It’s okay. I will see where I can park myself for the rest of my life.” said Anna.

When children selfishly think about “their family”, they do not include the parents. To such children, I wish Karma comes and bites in the ass. I saw my father take care  of the elders in the extended family; hence his kids are motivated and eager to make life better for him.

Do not trouble and piss off an elderly, their positive vibes only make the house loved and welcoming.

Old age homes, SUCK.


This post is for A-Z challenge 2016. My theme for 2016 A-Z Challenge is Every day stories in 100 words.


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Birthday Gift…

My dad asked me..” What do you want for this birthday?” Can you imagine…i could not think of anything…. I was it coz i dont want anything or i have what i want or the fact that  i am taking care of myself for sometime now that i feel asking for something is like being unable to do it for yourself.

Its note-worthy to find that as our age progresses, or rather as we progress in different stages of life and career, our view towards things changes. We become a lot more independent, but does that mean that we should STOP looking forward to things others can do for us? Considering the small example of the birthday gift, I actually felt really bad for making my parents feel as if i dont need them.

I am leaving for Delhi in 2 weeks from now, and my dad asked if i want to use his card to book the tickets? I said no Dad, I am doing fine, I will manage. Do the new phases in our life lead to huge changes in the way we approach things in life? Is it OK to behave so independently? Im i hurting feelings by doing so?

I am yet to find an answer to this….