Love Lost #AtoZBlogging


“We can’t  keep you, mother.” Said Ian to Anna. “It’s okay. I will see where I can park myself for the rest of my life.” said Anna.

When children selfishly think about “their family”, they do not include the parents. To such children, I wish Karma comes and bites in the ass. I saw my father take care  of the elders in the extended family; hence his kids are motivated and eager to make life better for him.

Do not trouble and piss off an elderly, their positive vibes only make the house loved and welcoming.

Old age homes, SUCK.


This post is for A-Z challenge 2016. My theme for 2016 A-Z Challenge is Every day stories in 100 words.


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Incense #AtoZChallenge


“Madam take these agarbattis as a sample. I am sure you will come back asking for more.” said the shopkeeper while selling me an Incense stick holder.

There is something very rewarding and pleasing about these sticks. I light three everyday. One at the Mandir, one in the living room and one in a little stand outside our  main gate.

I have  learnt a lot from them lately:

  • Patience
  • Spreading the joy
  • Fulfilled life, and
  • Mortal body that shall turn to ash.

Count your blessings before your time is up and thank the Almighty for the gifts you receive everyday.


This post is for A-Z challenge 2016. My theme for 2016 A-Z Challenge is Every day stories in 100 words.

Hymns and Prayer #AtoZChallenge


I put a CD named “Divine Chants of India” everyday in the morning. It has becomes a daily ritual. The house feels warm and fulfilled with prayer offerings to Lord Ganesha, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

Today I missed doing it somehow and the cook said, “Didi, I am not feeling too well today.” “All is okay? You need any medicine?” I asked. She replied, “I didn’t hear the CD today, it is causing me a lot of anxiety. Please put it when you get time.”

The incident reminded me that faith knows no religion and music knows none either.


This post is for A-Z challenge 2016. My theme for 2016 A-Z Challenge is Every day stories in 100 words.


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Everyday, but not today #AtoZChallenge

He found a cozy little space for her, called home. Everyday they would toil hard and dream of starting a family soon.

They started to observe a nuisance maker. She would not let them live in even for one day.

She  had a machine that made terrible noise everyday and it used to look ghastly while it was plugged.

They were determined and did not budge. They made a mess in her home, to teach a lesson.

One day a man came with more tools and a black net.

That was the end of pigeon tales in my dry area.



This post is for A-Z challenge 2016. My theme for 2016 A-Z Challenge is Every day stories in 100 words.

The 1000 Km journey to reach home

My journey to reach home began in Jan, 2015 when the pati got a chance to move to a new town. Yesterday, mindlessly, I tried to see the distance between the two homes, one in Bangalore and the other in new city (details shall unfold soon). It came to about a 1000 km and the number stuck in my head. 🙂

It shall take a thousand km to reach a place that shall be my home for years to come. The anxiety to leave Namma Bengaluru is overwhelming. One day I panic, one day I am overjoyed and one day I am in despair.

The packing part of the house is almost done but how do we pack the feelings?

The new girl in town straight from college, the first day at first job, the finding an apartment by myself, the learning to cook, infallible moments with friends I made at work, the sister I found in Karuna, learning to drive in the big town, mad dancing in clubs on bollywood nights, falling in love with the best friend, getting married, setting up the house after the wedding, meeting and getting to know my babe Sheelu, joining a new organization, learning new things, making extraordinary friends who were only-blogger’s-I-know once (Monika, Swati and Apsy) :*, having a beautiful family that had relatives we chose (Agarwal’s, Chakraborty’s, Shankar’s, Gupta’s, Batra’s…), Rangashankara trips with friends or all by myself, wonderla…

Oh the list is a huge Huge HUGE one. I wish the one way ticket that I bought for 18th Feb gives me same/more opportunities to experience things that I never thought I would.

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A-Z #AtoZChallenge

Just when I sat down to make a list of what to blog for the Blogging from A-Z Challenge, I saw this and this. Today is supposed to be a reveal about the challenge. I am doing this with my fabulous group of bloggers. We call ourselves Marathon Bloggers 😀

As I sat there and pondered, it dawned on me that I have never been able to make plans for more than 3 weeks. That’s exactly what happened. :O My thoughts paralyzed and I ad to write a sorry ass- WIP 😐

So here is what I shall be blogging about 🙂

a-z 2014

So whats your list? 🙂



A for Abandoned Ship

When the Lovely Monica told me about this A-Z blogging, I quickly took out my “Blog notebook” [it is as sacred to me as the black book for guys]. I jotted down A-Z and wrote a word against each. This is my preparation ground for any blogging marathon that I am in. I easily wrote from B-J but nothing stuck for A. Aah… Google came to rescue. I conveniently typed, words starting with A and clicked on Search. I was fearing a LOL from google for this but what the heck I got hits in micro seconds. One word out of the thousands of words on that one page that stayed with me was Abandoned ship. So it became by A 🙂

Abandoned ship for me is a metaphor for something you leave unattended once you lose interest/charm.

For that that would be a couple of things:

  • Dancing. Damn I loved it A LOT then what happened? Why did I stop learning it. I discontinued it in 2002. I was a mini celeb then and I am behind a laptop now.
  • Blogging. I didnt blog for a couple of years. Why did I do that? May be because I had no inspiration. But then if I look back now, how come there is so much now? It was always there. I didnt look for it properly.
  • Forgiving. I could never forgive people who hurt my mom.