New page, New life #together #lookup.

For me, it feels like a journey to weight loss that i have been on, has lasted forever. Having been a trained classical dancer for a good part of my growing up years, the body craved for the regime and I neglected it for too long.

Last Thursday, I met a lovely yoga instructor and an alternate medicine practitioner. I felt the warmth and the patient ear she lent. Some people just make your day with their presence and unconditional smile. We got to chit chatting about life in general. The kind of things that interest me, the life I have led till date, the routine I have had and etc etc.

It was only after a few minutes in the conversation, I realized that she has been taking notes for her new student. Such is the power of a good conversation, you will never know how scene changed if it is fluid.

I have not been ashamed of the current weight that I have reached, so I thought. Who does not want to fit in smaller size clothes? Size 18/16 itself looks so unflattering when we pick it up at the store. Oh and the pain of stores that do not store sizes above 12/14 😐  Who does not want to pretend to be okay one takes a flight of stairs more then 2-3? Who does not want to be fit for their partner? In fact who does not want to be more fit for child bearing? I certainly do.

Chatting with her made me not squirm under my skin. She really pulled me out very quickly and the healing process started in someway. It was because of her motivation that I could clock 14K steps for the first time. Her yoga sessions are not one-size-fit-all. They are tailored for each person based on their need. She believes in the fact that, if you are ready to work hard with me the scales and your clothes will not lie. In fact her disciples are on a strict one month probation, if the results are not visible, she wont continue. She was dead sure that if we work hard enough for atleast 90 days, I would feel so much more better about myself, health wise.

Sometimes it only takes a stranger to open our heart to. A fresh perspective which is also positive can do wonders.

I cant wait to star with her from Wednesday, till then intermittent fasting and atleast 5 km walk each day. Wish me luck and keep an eye on me so that I don’t go astray.

Rajashri Paralikar is the wonderful lady. She is strong, polite, a ball of energy and someone so positive.

I share my life’s this phase of optimism with

More soon.




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