Looking around and finding hope #lookup

In the kind of world that we live in today, there are a few things that give me hope. These are regular, mundane things if we look at them objectively, but they gave me a reason to smile today.

The house help came home today looking all tired and starved, I asked her whats up. She said she had found a bag full of money near the parking lot and had given it to the security guard. I said good, but why the tensed look. She said, the security guys took the money from the purse and divided among themselves. I told her that I can go the manager of the building with her and tell him the same. She said all that is solved now, the lady who had forgot the bag got it. What was bothering her was that why do people take things that dont belong to them. I smiled at her, made some tea for her and gave a little snack to cheer her up.

The husband came home around lunch time to drop off the stuff from his trip. He came armed with a huge brown bad of goodies. Just when I was about to rate him “Meets expectation ocassionally” in his annual appraisal, I decided to award a “Meets expectation”. He announced that someone in his company gave him this box of goodies as a welcome to the new region. There were two really great khakhras packs, dry fruit kachoris, milk cake pedas, a junagarh special tea time snack and a bottle of water. Such an awesome gesture from a man who is so well placed in his business comes as a welcome change.

On my walk today, I came across a wall. It was about 700 mtrs long and was painted by students of schools across the Thane region. What caught my fancy was the bold use of colors, the idea behind the issues highlighted and the encouragement that made them do this. I blessed all the souls responsible for this beautiful wall in a silent prayer.

Moving a little ahead, I found a young boy helping his mother and grand mother lift the vegetables bags and put in the car boot. He could have easily sat in the Skoda and played on the iPad but he was out there with them. I took a mental note of this and prayed that my kids are like this too.

An old man, in his 50’s was filling water a bottle at a time and taking to an abandoned building. He did it about three times, I walked a little further to find that he was watering the plants there and talking to them. There is something so touching about the grandies that makes my heart melt.

I wrote this beautiful post for a topic suggested by Housing.com.



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