Crude Truth #AtoZChallenge


She happily put on a pair of shorts and a red t-shirt while Air conditioner shopping. While they were fiddling between brands and specifications, someone tapped on her shoulder.

“Please don’t feel bad about what I am going to say to you.” she thought, “Dang! its the shorts.” “I was like you 9 months before but after I started taking herbalife I lost 25kg. You should try it.”

She smiled meekly and the  lady gave her a pamphlet. She was too stunned to say anything.

She had been walking and eating healthy, she didn’t want to hear those words.

They hurt.


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This post is for A-Z challenge 2016. My theme for 2016 A-Z Challenge is Every day stories in 100 words.


13 thoughts on “Crude Truth #AtoZChallenge

  1. I bet they hurt! There are some things you just don’t want to hear, especially when you think you’ve been taking steps in the right direction. 😦 #AtoZChallenge

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