Top 7 reasons for participating in AtoZ Blogging 2016

Phew… that was a long post title. Those of you who do not know what this is about here is the link.

A2Z-BADGE [2016]

So why did I want to take up this challenge, after a gap of almost 2 years?

  1. New ideas- The challenge encourages you to think about new topics, uncharted waters or even stuff that we feel is super easy, but might not be for people at large.
  2. Community- It is a community challenge. Each participating member is encouraged to  visit 5 members’ blogs and comment and support their journey.
  3. New friends- After each blogging challenge I come across someone who has the same writing style and has similar topics of interest.
  4. Relationships – Our married relationship gets a new topic to talk about. I tell the husband about what I wrote about or what I read today. In turn he suggests new ideas/topic to me.
  5. Broad Perspective- There are times when we have a closed outlook towards a certain thing, eg gay issues, cross dressing or even superstitions. A post about a topic like these opens a channel of discussion and makes you more aware.
  6. Empathy- If someone writes about a personal struggle and the reader has also dealt with it, there is a bond that gets formed. This companionship in times of pain is very important, it can pull out out.
  7. Direction- While the A to Z blogging is really broad but it gives us a boundary to hook ourself onto. I am happy with the tether

Let’s see what this season makes me do. 🙂




8 thoughts on “Top 7 reasons for participating in AtoZ Blogging 2016

  1. Really interesting blog- I am excited about participating in this challenge for the first time, but hadn’t worked out why! This helps put it in context. Thanks!

  2. So many reasons to participate in the challenge, hey. I didn’t finish last year, but I thought I’ll give it another go because it’s such a fun and useful challenge, isn’t it. #AtoZChallenge

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