Check List for House Moving

Since we have moved twice in one year, I feel I have a ready reckon-er available for the tricky situation called; where so I start from? We did call packers for the moving and all but I am quiet picky about what stuff they can pack and what I have to.. Here is something that I did:

  1. Sort, sell, share and trash: This is an extremely important activity as we tend to accumulate things over time and they are not necessarily sorted properly. The 3 broad heads [Sell, Share and Trash] shall give you a clarity straight away when you look at an article. By Sorting we mean to gather things that belong together and keep them together. This will prove handy when you are packing the items. A sale shall help you not only get some cash in hand but also share happiness with someone who shall treasure your former possession.
  2. Packing Supplies and Packing: Keep all supplies handy like old sheets, old newspapers, bubble wraps, tape, strings, basic toolkit, box cutters, labels, pens, notepads, trash bags, Ziploc bags, shrink wraps, markers and scissors. All these should have you covered. In case you are packing by yourself, lists shall make it helpful. It keeps you on track and makes sure that you got it all under control. Start with one room/section at a time. Finish it completely and then move to the other area. Make proper labels so that your unpacking becomes easier as well. Do make legible fragile stickers for breakable and precious articles. Colour coding shall make the activity fun and effective. Pack away the heaviest pieces with utmost care.
  3. Electronics and Electrical: Losing valuable cables is the easiest to do in a mindless packing routine. Put all cables in one bag ear marked for them. Do not have multiple places for the same stuff. Empty and clean the refrigerator and keep the door open for at least 24 hours before moving it. Try to clean the equipment’s that does not belong to you but has been used by you. It is imperative to leave them as they were given to you. Get them serviced, if need be. Pay all bills in advance and save the receipts.
  4. Notify: Relocation comes with address change and notifications to the people who have your address for communication. House movers must ensure to inform the relevant parties over email, postcards or any other electronic method. This will make sure you do not miss your mails and other correspondence. Let your newspaper supplier know about it as well. Clear all bills with service providers in case you are not able to continue with them at the new address. Change the address with the health care, insurance provider, banks, place of work and the like.
  5. Food: Keep some food items for the packing/moving day. One might not find time for food but when you know you kept something that won’t take time, it is an easier job.

Have fun and make new memories in the new place \m/



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