Memories For Life

Life is a constant journey through plains, valleys, plateau, mountains, trenches and crevices. There are also rains, spring, harsh summers and biting winters. Amidst all these confusing and trying situations, we make truce with our being. In case the truce is not reached, we float unsettled.

I believe there are top 10 events in almost everyone’s life that contribute to the memory bank. So why top 10 only, you might ask. It is a fancier number to start with, one prays to reach the 10 and is elated with a 12. Read on:

Event 1: First severe punishment at school- Oh the embarrassment of the situation is so intense that we pray for the Mother Earth to consume us. For me it was in standard IV, my eye sight has started to given up and I could not get myself to tell mother about it. I tried to ask the girl sitting in front to read out the question for the test to me. The class teacher thought we were cheating. I stood in the principal’s office for 2 hours till my mother came to get me.

Event 2: Standing in first line for the school Annual Day dance – Dance was not something to fill time after school, like these days. It was encouraged to build character and instill discipline. I had so many brilliant dancers around me that being chosen to stand in the front was an acknowledgement of my talent.

Event 3: School farewell- This is probably the first time that girls wear saree to school. For  me it was the first time ever, hence it was very special. I self “permed” my hair by making lots of plats the previous night. Sigh. That was THE STYLE in those days.

Event 4: First day of college- For a Std XII student to get a taste of college in a metropolis like Delhi is pride worthy. My application got selected to the best college in South University campus. The first day was mind blowing. I was “ragged” by seniors because I was loitering around aimlessly with hands in my pocket. They asked me to do the “chavanni, atthani, ek rupiya” ritual. God bless my cousin who gave me a lesson already. So chavanni is thumka on the right, atthani is thumka on the left and ek rupiya was a shoulders drawn back to awkwardly expose the chest in front.

Event 5: First bunk in college- Oh boy, the bestie and I were probably the worst at this. We checked the calendars for the teachers and subjects and picked a day to bunk. We left for Priya at 9 am, who the hell does that. NOTHING opens at that time. We were kicked out of Nirulas and had to drink a pathetic sluggish coffee at mojo jojo. We then say the Garfield movie and went home at 1 pm, happy and satisfied by the way the day went.

Event 6: First job after college- Most of the students prepare of competitive exams for MBA. I was studying at PT Education. Here I got a chance to be the Admin and Marketing executive for almost 10 months. I was also a soft skill trainer and gave presentations at colleges. It is here that I earned by first salary INR 6000. It was the most precious money I had ever got.

Event 7: First Kiss- As growing up individuals we all have a picture in mind about the first kiss. It should be gentle, out of love and not like a full on one. Sigh. I wish it was the case for me. Mine was in a car and the boyfriend pouncing on me like a lion. Sheesh. It was sloppy and I pushed him really hard. Yikes. It was not a good one. For a long time after that I thought that kisses were over-rated.

Event 8:  First break up- Those nights of listening to ghazals like they were written for me, are the best way to get over a break up. However the worst way that can be is to be handed over to your best friend by the boyfriend as if you are a cow. Enough said, too many confusions happened that night.

Event 9: Realizing that the person you love is your best friend for a long time- We are often blinded by friendship so much that we do not see the possibility of a relationship anytime. While our friends were so sure we are made for each other, it took us sometime to get there.

Event 10: Losing a child- It goes equally for men and women. Let us not undermine their pain in the situation. While the woman is suffering physically also, the man is hurt and pained equally. A situation like this tends to change you as a person. You become more cautious, disbelieving and move over turn almost cynical for sometime.

I would love to listen to your thoughts about this 🙂

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I created a scrap book the husband on Memories for Life by HDFC-




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