A Lie and life after

Jenna stood behind the dining table waiting for Trey to say something.

It had been 2 years since James came in their life.

Trey had been a loving father and a doting husband.

“Where did I go wrong?”, he asked himself.

“Why didn’t I tell him earlier?”, thought Jenna.

Few years back when Jenna was at the doctor’s appointment.

He had the results of the tests with him.

She was pregnant and Trey had not been in town for 3 months.

“I am a monogamist. I love my husband….” She sobbed and broke down.

The doctor told him about the unfortunate accident where she was artificially inseminated. They promised full medical support. She didn’t have the heart to tell Trey about this and told the doctor about it too.

Jenna and Trey had been trying for a child for the past 7 years and this was a God’s gift to her.

She broke the news to Trey only a week after he was back. They were thrilled. James was born today, exactly 2 years back.

But a phone call interrupted his birthday celebration. Door bell rang and a couple stood there with a notice in their hand.



This post is for marathon bloggers.




2 thoughts on “A Lie and life after

  1. Aw — wrong place to end the story. You left me with a ‘what happened next?’
    Been ages since I caught up with action at Marathon Bloggers.

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