Of Rains and unfortunate spillages

Our life in Mumbai has been pretty neat. We are experiencing new things and getting used to the fast life. 🙂 Rains have been by far my most favorite part of the whole experience.

They are diligent and with full of vigor. They are also unforgiving, you cannot take them lightly.

Did you ever have to live with split milk smell? Oh rains love that smell and so does your couch 😐

The husband got milk packets and forgetfully put them on the sofa. And guess what was next, there was a leak and the milk started to settle in the pores of the tapestry. On top of that heavy showers paid a visit to Mumbai and there was no sign of sun for 3 days in a row.

So what do you do then? How do you make sure the guests who have come over do not go through the milky stench as you are forced to. You try to use an iron, blow drier and fans on full speed to try to get the sofa to dry. A few hours and many units of electricity later, you have successfully dried the cushion. But that unfortunate moment when you want to smell the cushion because there a funky small in the house; you are ready to puke or faint or both.

Moments like these make me feel thankful for capsules of fragrance that come in the form of Ambi Pure.


A small spray in the house and we bid farewell to the smell. The spray packaging is compact and sleek. The trigger and the nozzle are smooth and let out a gentle spray of mist that turns everything to WOW.

IMG_4406 IMG_4407

It comes in 7 different fragrances: Blossoms and Breeze, New Zealand Springs, Hawaiian Flower, Lavender Vanilla & Comfort, Thai Dragon Fruit, Spring and Renewal and Sweet citrus and zest.

Long Lasting, Refreshing and just so easy breezy. Hello Ambi Pure bye bye smelly smells.

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley at BlogAdda in association with Ambi Pur


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