The 1000 Km journey to reach home

My journey to reach home began in Jan, 2015 when the pati got a chance to move to a new town. Yesterday, mindlessly, I tried to see the distance between the two homes, one in Bangalore and the other in new city (details shall unfold soon). It came to about a 1000 km and the number stuck in my head. 🙂

It shall take a thousand km to reach a place that shall be my home for years to come. The anxiety to leave Namma Bengaluru is overwhelming. One day I panic, one day I am overjoyed and one day I am in despair.

The packing part of the house is almost done but how do we pack the feelings?

The new girl in town straight from college, the first day at first job, the finding an apartment by myself, the learning to cook, infallible moments with friends I made at work, the sister I found in Karuna, learning to drive in the big town, mad dancing in clubs on bollywood nights, falling in love with the best friend, getting married, setting up the house after the wedding, meeting and getting to know my babe Sheelu, joining a new organization, learning new things, making extraordinary friends who were only-blogger’s-I-know once (Monika, Swati and Apsy) :*, having a beautiful family that had relatives we chose (Agarwal’s, Chakraborty’s, Shankar’s, Gupta’s, Batra’s…), Rangashankara trips with friends or all by myself, wonderla…

Oh the list is a huge Huge HUGE one. I wish the one way ticket that I bought for 18th Feb gives me same/more opportunities to experience things that I never thought I would.

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