Why do people honk in India? #MB2015

I have been driving for the last 9 years or so. I learnt how to drive in Udaipur and then banged the car for the first time on Bangalore Roads. With a Bangalore driving experience of almost 6.5 years now, I can comfortably say that I have found out most of the reasons why people use the horn so much in India.

Here is my list:

  • Watch out, you silly pedestrian, I want to go before you can cross the road.
  • Oh Holy Cow urinating on the street, get out of the way.
  • Oh Damn how dare you two wheeler person, I take double the space on the road and pay double the road tax, I get to go before you.
  • Move Move there is an Ambulance behind us.
  • Hah! Four wheeler person, look at me showing off. I came from wayyy behind you in the traffic and I am standing next to you. If only you would move, I would be first in line. MOVE NOW
  • Oh Hello! Stop applying the short breaks just because you have to read the new whatsapp text.
  • Excuse me lady in the driver’s seat, you dont know shit about driving, MOVE MOVE MOVE.
  • Honk honk… Did you recognize me? “Oh Helloooo Old friend’s friend, what are you doing in this town? Give me your number yaar. We will meet.”
  • Oh Lord BMTC, thank you for showing those few fingers to indicate that you are going to jump lanes. HONKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.
  • Oh School kids, let me help them cross the road. I will stop my car and make others stop as well. Dude behind you goes all “WTF man, I have to reach Toit” HONKKK
  • Check it out man, I have got a custom car with a silencer that farts. Brooom vrrroooomm… HONK HONK.. Well you didn’t see my car, I had to honk.
  • I need to go from right side of the lane to the extreme left and then take a U turn in the service lane, how do I do it. HONK HONK HONK. Swalpa Adjust maadi.
  • Honk Honk… Auto Bhaiya Garuda mall jana hai, chaloge? nahi…. okay. HONK HONK… Please chalo na bhaiya.
  • Abbey yaar, Pinku ki gaadi humse aage nikal gayi, chal bhaga bhaga. HONK HONK move you traffic move 😐
  • Red light.. On honk. It turned green like a second back MOVE MOVE HONK HONK

Can you think of anymore rediculous reasons why people honk? Let me know, I would love to add.

Oh and do watch this funny Ellen video ❤ Stop being horny honky 😐 I love every point she makes

Happy Tuesday to you.




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