Of 2015 and new beginnings #52WeeksofGratitudeChallenge #MB2015

I had mentioned about this really awesome challenge that I am taking up for 2015. 🙂

Week 1: Why Start this challenge? –

We live in a time and generation where:

  • It has become so easy to throw brickbats at the second person we see.
  • we are distanced from relatives and even siblings.
  • it has become very easy to find someone else to put the blame on.
  • people find it difficult to say I am sorry, thank you and I love you.
  • there are acts of terror every now and then…

Even though it all might be so cold out there, these posts every week shall make sure we stay warm and loved and cared for. ❤

Go ahead take up this challenge and share the warmth.




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