Of Truth, Disguise and Love

A few days back I got a rather disturbing text from my mother.

She wrote that “Sorry for not telling you this earlier Beta, but I fainted 4 times in November because my my blood Pressure. I was missing a medicine longer than I had known. My body went cold and it felt like I was almost gone. We told P (the husband) about it and thought it is best he didn’t tell you yet. I am much better now.”

What would you do in such a situation? Is there a way to react that shall be treated as “better/good”. I thought it would be wise to collect myself first then speak to her. All these months she had been talking to me as if it was all okay. There was no shiver in her voice and no panic.

This got me wondering about how we hide the truth with an intention but does not feel the same way to the person it is hidden from. We cloak the pain in nice words, gossips and laughter. Sometimes it feels like betrayal while other times it feels like a warm blanket.

Have you ever hidden anything from someone you love because you fear it might hurt them?

When did we become so weak in the knee that we fail to understand how a 30 year old person will react to a text like this. Trust me when I say this, I didnt have a reaction to this for two day but yesterday tears rolled down while I was driving.

I didnt want to imagine a world without my mum in it. I told her to tell me the truth the next time because this disguise for love hurt me a lot.

I personally make it point to tell everything to P, the good, bad and the ugly too. When I cat say it, I write it. Makes both our work easier. He has all the patience to deal with me. He didn’t tell me about mommy because he was asked him not to. I still have a bone to pick with him for that but everything said and done she is fine and doing just great.

Pray for mommy dearest’s health and send her healing wishes please.



This post is written for Indiblogger happy hours.

Watch this beautiful father daughter ad from Kinley ❤ I love the expressions Ashish Vidhyarthi gives in this one. From anger to quizzical to loving. Hope you liked this advert too. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Of Truth, Disguise and Love

  1. Been dealing with my mom’s bad health in the last months, so I can completely imagine where you are coming from Pallo. So scary when someone decides to hide info like this. Hugs and be strong!

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