Mehndi Guys at Bangalore

A lot of my friends have always struggled to find “a nice menhdi guy” at Bangalore. Tomorrow being Karwachauth, most of them would be on google, trying to find tat nice guy.

So why are we looking for the nice ones  in the first place? Here are the reasons why:

  1. We have a favorite mehndi person back at our hometown and we worship him/her.
  2. Karwachauth is not the same when the hands have a bad menhdi design.
  3. Mehndi lovers like me, who don’t need a reason to put henna need a go-to person in the city they live 😉

So here are my top picks:

  • Forum Mall, Koramangala- A Muslim lady sits right in the center of the mall everyday. She is fabulous. Tried and tested tens of times till now. She never fails to impress me. Oh and she also has posted details online, I found this while my scouting for the mehndi 2014 😉

photo (3)

  • The fellow(s) on 60 ft road, Koramangala- 60 ft road is Anand Sweets/cloud 9 road at Koramangala. There are two guys who sit opposite the Rajasthani fancy store guys. One is opposite cloud 9 and other is opposite Fulki. These guys generally put the mumbai style.
  • The Fellow near Spencers on 100 ft road, Koramangala- The Spencers at Koramangala has a fancy store on its left and right. The guy on the left (When your back towards spencers) is another go to person. The ones he does is cloe to the rajasthani style.
  • Total Mall, Sarjapur road- This place can get super crowded super quick. The guy here was the one who did my KarwaChauth Mehndi for the first time. 🙂
  • Guy near StarBucks, 80Ft road Koramangala- This guy has been the quickest so far. 🙂 He is so random that I could never guess.

Phew, these are the ones on my radar at Bangalore. Do you know a good mehndi artist? Do drop a comment and I shall add. 🙂

Also I am looking for a person who can do the gujarati style. 😦




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