Thank you #WordPress

Dear WordPress,

Thank you for greeting me today morning with this.

wordpress 7 years

What a glorious ride this has been.

I still remember 7 years back I was still at college and when it came to deciding on which platform to choose, I chose you because of the name and the logo. It was all sounding so uncomplicated and welcoming.

My blogs have been my strength and my weakness at the same time. People have come and gone but they have stood the test of time. They make me, me for reasons good or bad and I thank you for that.

They have kept me secrets in drafts, they have published my emotions and scheduled all things great. Blogging has instilled such lovely things in my life like determination, patience, love and kindness. I know how it feels for a random blogger to get a comment from a stranger. I make  it point to try to do that as often as I can.

You evolved and so did my blog. Here’s wishing more beautiful years ahead.

Love forever,



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