Movie Review: Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania


Name: Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania (link)

Released: July 11, 2014

Cast:  Varun Dhawan as Rakesh “Humpty” Sharma

Alia Bhatt as Kavya Pratap Singh

Siddharth Shukla as Angad Bedi

Ashutosh Rana as Mr. Singh, Kavya’s father

(Source- Wikipedia)

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama

When did I watch it: July 12, 2014

Where: PVR

Price: INR 250 (10 am show)

Plot: A street smart girl from a wealthy family in Ambala comes to Delhi to make money for “Designer” wedding ensemble. She is engaged to the handsome Siddharth Shukla. She meets Rakesh aka Humpty at her mama’s house and ever since then, he continues to bump into her.

They become close friends (Lovers), Humpty arranges money for her to buy the lehnga. She inturn uses the money to buy him a car. She goes back to Ambala for her “Vyaah”. Humpty and friends come to her town DDLJ style where his ass is kicked on multiple ocassions.

Ashutosh plays a cool blue dad who will protect her daughter from having the save fate as his elder daughter. All’s well than ends well, he wins his heart and gets them married.

USP: Songs. Oh so lovely. 🙂

High Points: DDLJ cliches are dropped all over the movie. Some scenes had us in splits.

Lack Luster: The movie drags a little in the second half.

Songs: Samjhawaan is a beautiful number. Saturday is gaining popularity among masses.

Over all review: **** 4/5 Pasia vasool.

I love to watch Alia Bhatt. Varun Dhawan has kept a good balance between funny and drama. Siddharth is the one to look out for. he already proved his metal on TV, Movies seem like a breeze for him.





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