Movie Review: Bobby Jasoos

Source: Google
Source: Google


Name: Bobby Jasoos

Released: July 4, 2014

Cast:  Vidya Balan and features Ali FazalSupriya PathakRajendra Gupta and Tanvi Azmi (Source- Wikipedia)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Suspense

When did I watch it: July 5, 2014

Where: INOX

Price: INR 330

Plot: A Hyderabadi 30 something ambitious girl who dreams to be a detective at a “Pvt. Ltd.” She starts her own firm and makes a lot of money by solving the cases presented by a wealthy man from London. Her father’s disapproval to the profession makes her want it even more.

USP: When do we get to see a 30 something woman in India chasing her dream and is actually good at it? Her orange converse shoes were a good catch. The makeup artist did a fantastic job with the transformations. We absolutely loved Supriya Pathak too. 🙂

High Points: Excellent adaptation of the characters into conservative Hyderabadi Muslims.

Lack Luster: The climax was such an anti climax. The entire build up was for practically nothing. Such a disappointment. However the supporting cast and crew did a fantastic job of bringing the story together and keeping it so.

Songs: I didnt enjoy them except, Jashn which was alright.

Over all review: *** 3/5 One time watch.

The movie actually made me google about the Indian Women Detectives. I found out about Rajni Pandit. With over 7000 plus cases under her belt, she was the first woman detective. She has solved crimes that involved politicians, celebrities and commoners.




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