Story of M #‎MB2014‬ ‪#‎MBdrabbleweek‬

Whenever M went out, he was immediately surrounded by loving people.

He had powerful energy and playfulness that was infectious.

A year passed by and it was his birthday, when he was seeing the gorgeous cake he decided to make a wish.

“God, please make me an animal for a day. Say a horse. He is fancy and beautiful.”

Well his wish didnt come true to the T, he was turned into a beautiful dog.

That day, all he did was jump around the house, get pampered to the MAX and lick the shit out of anyone who hated dogs.


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PS: M stands for Moose Junior

PSS: Moose is my nephew and the child of proud pet parents Karuna and Siddhant. 🙂

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Image source:

PSSS: Moosie is a human 😀

PSSSS: He just turned one 🙂

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Image source:
This is written in response to the theme prompt ‘If I were an animal’ for the week of 100-word posts over at Marathon Bloggers.



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