She fell flat on her rear #‎MB2014‬ ‪#‎MBdrabbleweek‬

“Wear your new Louboutins tonight. Let us show them some nightlife, shall we?”, squealed Yukti on the phone.

“They are too damn high, I can wear them only from the car to a chair and back”, yelped Damiyanti.

“No no no we want to see them. period.”, chucked Sunaina. “I wish she falls on her rear today”, she thought.

Damiyanti chose the dress that flattered her booty and most and took the precious shoes out.

As she was walking in, Sunaina was so spell bound that she hit the table foot and fell on her rear.

“You look stunning babe!”

Source: Google
Source: Google


This is written in response to the theme prompt ‘She fell flat on her rear’ for the week of 100-word posts over at Marathon Bloggers.

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