Apricity #AtoZChallenge

For week one as I promised, I shall be doing Vintage words. These words are no longer in use but still make a lot of sense. How about reviving them πŸ™‚

Word: Apricity (n)

Origin: From the Latin aprīcitās, a verb which means basking in the sun.

Meaning: The warmth of the sun on a winter day.

Sentence: It was wonderful to experience the apricity after the long harsh winters.

Image source: Google
Image source: Google

This makes me want to talk about sun exposure. A lot of cases I hear there days where Vit D deficiency is the key contributor to a person’s ill health. However there is always a right/optimal level of sun that one muse get.

So get those walking shoes/hammocks/rocking chairs out and get some sun.


This post is a part of the A-Z blogging challenge.


I am doing this with the fabulous Marathon Bloggers group.





21 thoughts on “Apricity #AtoZChallenge

  1. What a lovely word. I have a Vitamin D deficiency and was taken aback when my doctor said I had to sit in the sun for 30 minutes a day. After all that publicity about how bad sun was for you.

  2. I was just thinking how I need to start vacationing abroad to get that healthy feel. In my home country the winters are so dark that people end up so depressed.
    We need to encourage the sun to shine more! (Or people to take more Vit D)
    Love the Vintage words, and good luck with the challenge !

  3. This is soooo relevant to me. I was diagnosed with Vit D deficiency a bit earlier this year and I also suffer from sensitive skin. Trying to strike a balance between the two. Great post. Educatiional and fun πŸ™‚

  4. That’s a nice warm word for a cool theme! It’s unbelievable but even kids these days suffer from Vit D deficiency.

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