When #Modi took over AIR Time

Caller 1 <Insert fake scared voice> : Hello, Bharatwasi?

Caller 1: Bharatwasi speaking?

Caller 2 <Insert smugs> : Hello, haan. Kaun? Oh ho ho Bhrashtachaar? Kaho kaise ho?

Caller 2: Hello yes. Who is this? Oh is this corruption? How are you bro?

Caller 1: maine yeh batane ke liye call kiya tha ke main bharat chod ke jaa raha hoon.

Caller 1: I called to tell you that I am leaving the country forever.

Caller 2 <Insert smirks> : Arrey bhai kyon kyon? Dus saal tak raaj kiya hai ekdum se kyon jaa rahe ho?

Caller 2: Oh how come? You have been here for 10 years now, why are you leaving?

Caller 1 <More scared voice> : Woh aa rahe hain. Woh aa rahe hain….

Caller 1: He is coming…. He is coming…

Caller 2: Kaun aane wale hain? Kahaan?

Caller 2: Who is coming? Where?

Caller 1: Modi ji aane wale hain.

Caller 1: Respected Modi ji is coming, Sir.

The ad breaks in to Iss baar Modi Sarkaar.  Har Har Modi, Ghar ghar Modi. Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar.


There is a series of these now. God knows how many more we have to deal with.

Whats the point of such tall claims? :-/

*Goes back to the voters list and sulks at the name not being here*





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