Going Maid-less

I am so annoyed with the current of crop of maids in our Apartment. They either have terrible life at home, or are clumsy or are manipulative. After opening my house to 10-12 maids in last 2.5 years, I guess its time to try the maid-less life for sometime.

I have spent countless hours training and grooming them, taking them to doctors, buying medicines/diwali accessories, baking goodies for kids and even full meal at times. I know a lot of you shall contest that everyone does that, but I dont want to hear that right now. Please bear with me and my misery.

We are a working couple and the husband travels 5-6 days a week or should I say is home one day a week.  Practically the entire house is on my shoulder and to be frank my house keeping skills are through the roof. I am bad at it.

To add to the miseries, I am a dancer and a avid cook and baker. Hence I have shows/practices and all my utensils are dirty. If this was not enough, I hate to part with stuff that was mine. I seriously need to de-clutter, I hear the ants in the house are planning an intervention.

So what work do I really ask the maid to do? And because of the maid-less time coming ahead, what all should I be prepared to do?

  • Wash clothes- Well this will be a challenge initially but I am sure if I tackle this tactfully, over a period of time, I shall be good with it.
  • Put clothes on the line- I like doing this part so no worries.
  • Take clothes off the line- Ooooh I hate this work. I have left clothes for as long as 3 days because I dislike it so much.
  • Wash utensils- I might just learn how to cook use limited utensils because of the fear of washing truck loads later.
  • Clean the gas stove and the platform- Okay I can do that, I promise.
  • Cleaning the Bathroom- Oh that I do it everyday (in my dream)
  • Wash the balcony- All she does it throw two buckets of water, I can do that too. (hope the pigeons stop coming)
  • Occasional dusting- She used to not do that anyway so there is no loss there.

Have you considered going maid-less?

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