I shall Fly #MB2014 #55wordfiction

Today we begin the Pic for a story, story for a pic at the Marathon Bloggers 🙂 How I love this group ❤

Pic courtesy: Tarun Chawla
Pic courtesy: Tarun Chawla


Deviyani was born in a Rajput family.

She was not the poshak girl, she rode horses, drove jeeps and wore Jodhpurs.

When she turned 21 she wanted to study to be a pilot.

But her Father married her off to a wealthy businessman.

Now she travels in flights and catches a glimpse of the cockpit.







5 thoughts on “I shall Fly #MB2014 #55wordfiction

  1. Aww.. that’s sad. So many dreams stay unfulfilled, specially for girls in our country. My niece is training to become a commercial pilot and it makes me sooo proud. Thought of her while reading your post.

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