14 things to do if you dont have a #Valentine

There is just so much noise everywhere about the 14th of Feb, again!! Today on the radio I heard 3 different channels asking the listeners to text in stuff like:

  • One thing that you hate about your valentine
  • One thing you absolutely love about the valentine
  • If you could dedicate one monument to the valentine what would that be
  • Tell us if you dont have a valentine, we shall send you a blind date.

Oh bunch load of bullshit I tell you. So while I was getting mad at the sick driving skills of the people on the road, I also got to think about things people can do if they dont have a valentine (includes me). Here is my list:

  1. Treat it like just another day – One part of my brain says, “It beats me why do people need one day only to celebrate the V Day.”  The other part says, “What the crap lets just go with the flow and make it extra nice.” I cook a special meal almost every fortnight, I might make an effort to make one on 14th feb too. That’s about it.
  2. Watch an awesome play- Any place you live must must be theatrically alive, go look for a nice play/production house and ask them to keep you posted. If they are not running a play you might be invited for a play reading. *high 5* BTW I love to watch plays alone, it makes me absorb them so much more.
  3. Spend time with a friend- Having said that, I don’t really mean a valentine needs to be of the same gender to make a great day. I can go out with a girlfriend and have a good time too. In fact I love the time with GF’s. ❤
  4. Bump into a stranger- I have had the most meaningful conversations with strangers on the train/airport/bus/waiting in queue, take that chance. But tread carefully, trust your instinct and be smart.
  5. Go shopping- Retail therapy to make yourself happy and not to behave as a “oh-I-am-so-sad-and-lonely-let-me-fill-my-life-with-stuff-I-dont-need”.
  6. Share a smile- If you are at a billing counter and you see someone struggle for a change for an odd Rs. 30 bottle of coke, offer to pay. Goodness comes back I tell you. I have done that and I got the most genuine smile the person could offer. He/She in turn shall help more people who are in need. We all can seriously do with some compassion. If you dont wish to pay, smile at a stranger who might be frowning.
  7. Make a meal for the househelp- Even your house help needs a break. While you are making a meal for yourself, cook something for her family as well.
  8. Mani-Pedi Baybeh- Oh yes Mani-Pedi to the rescue. I always sleep like a baby after an awesome pedicure.
  9. Read your favorite book- Go on remove the dust off that book that you have not read in a long time.
  10. Hearty meal- Go treat yourself with a lovely meal. Oh come on if you have not dined alone ever, trust me you are missing something.
  11. Dance- Like Ellen says “You will be just fine. For now, just dance.” Can dance, cant dance does not matter, put on some song and let yourself go.
  12. Sibling love- Write a letter/email to your siblings especially if you life in different cities. I am not the person who can talk on the phone, Oh i hate it a lot. Write to them how you feel, how much you miss them, write an anecdote or two, your words will smile back at them 🙂
  13. Clear the closet- You will be surprised to find such silly things in the closet that you didnt even intend to keep with you. Go ahead go to that closet that you have not touched for so long.
  14. Put on your best dress and pour a glass of wine. 🙂 That says it all.

So what are you doing this valentine’s day?





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