Guru Granth Sahib Arti #MB2013

I have many many favorite verses from there Guru Granth Sahib. One that stays very close to my heart is the Arti.

A lot of people will wonder as the Sikh’s are not generally seen doing an aarti the traditional Hindu way. However they do light a lamp and sing to the holy book. The Arti is called Gagan mein Thal.

It is sung in the most spiritual way and it touches my heart every time I hear it or recite it. This is my way to connect to my Granny who is looking out for me, I know. 🙂

“At Jagannaath Puri, a famous pilgrimage center of the Hindus, Guru Nanak noticed that the priests were more interested in the rituals and elaborate arrangements rather than in their love for God. So he stepped outside the temple and burst into the following masterpiece.” Source
Gagan mein thaal rav chand deepak bane
Tarka mandal janak moti
Dhoop mal aanlo pawan chavaro kare
Sagal banrai phoolant jyoti
Kaisi aarti hove bhavkhandna teri aarti
Kaisi aarti hove bhavkhandna teri aarti
Anahad shabd vajant bheri
Anahad shabd vajant bheri
Sahas tav nain nan
Nain hai tohe kau
Sahas murat nan na ek tohe
Sahas pad bimal nan ek pad gandh bin
Sahas tav gandh ev chalat mohi
Sab mein jot jot hai sohi
Tis ke chaanan sab mein chaanan hoi
Gur sakhi jot pargat hoe
Jo tis bhave so aarti hoe
Har charan kamal makrand lobit mano
Aneno mohe aaee piyasa
Kirpa jal de nanak sarang ko
Hoe jate tere naam vasa
Hoe jate tere naam vasa

The Sky is Your platter,The sun and moon are the ‘Deepaks’ the lamps (lights),The Stars in the sky are the pearls,The ‘Dhoop’ (Incense) is the fragrance,That the wind propels,The whole forest is Your flowers.
O! What a wonderful Aarti, this is!
You, are a destroyer of Fear,
The sound of Your Name, which is so subtle, that It goes unheard,
Resounds endlessly.
You have a thousand eyes, forms, feet, noses…And you have none…
I am charmed!
Your Light enlightens all!
It is by the Grace of the Guru that the real Light (Knowledge) Manifests.
What pleases the Almighty is this Aarti (Creation)
I yearn for Your Lotus feet,
Night and day,
Nanak is like the thirsty bird that asks,
For a drop of water,
From You O Lord!
That drop (Grace) will make Nanak find comfort,
In the uttering of Your Name.

Which is your favorite hymn?




One thought on “Guru Granth Sahib Arti #MB2013

  1. My favorite hymn is also from the Guru Granth Sahib by Kabeer… It is
    Laag gaale sun benti meri… Karwath bhala na karwat teri…
    Give me a hug and listen to my plea.. Cut me into pieces but do not turn your bacl away from me……

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