Tonight and every other night #MB2013

While I have been blankly staring at the wordpress new post clean box for the past few days, it is only today that my brain game me the title.

I am so not sure what turn this post might take as this is being engineered in reverse. When the clock strikes 11pm every night, the sleep in me makes me the most irritating person to live with. I might be hopping around in the house till 10.59 pm for all I know, but the moment I come to know that it is 11.00 pm, I run straight to the bed.

It has never been 11 always, it was 10 earlier. The one hour stretch is only because of the long-ish working hours of the husband.

This got me thinking about habits, conditioning and our reactions.

Our habits are like bits and pieces of our childhood and bringing up. The conditioning is the reinforcement be it positive or negative. Our reactions, even when we are nearing 30, might not be subject to any change whatsoever.

Is there something like this that you do in your everyday life too? Come on make me feel better 🙂

This post is a part of December Marathon blogging.




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