Why I pray?

Praying comes naturally to me when I am trouble. I am serious, not kidding at all. I am not the everyday pooja ritual kind of person. I have my way to remembering the deity/Almighty and that’s about it. The Pure Pray contest made me want to really think and pen down my thoughts about Praying. The contest is run by Cycle Pure Agarbathies their ecommerce website is Pure Pray.

There was a time when we had to go all over the market place to find things for the pooja. But just like online book stores Pooja needs got a home in one pack. It is really handy to use. I have been swearing by it for sometime now.

The pack I am including in my Diwali celebrations is the Lakshmi Pooja pack. The pack has all things ready for you as per the Skanda Purana. The CD pack shall also become a gift for the family. The recitation and the bhajans shall make the festivities more special. The pack shall make sure that we dont miss out on any step that might happen 🙂

Coming back to prayer, I pray when:

  • I cant bear the pain I see myself or my loved ones go through.
  • I want the traffic to clear and dont want to swear.
  • I see a Gurudwara.
  • Someone does a lovely gesture for me.
  • When I am about to get on a stage to perform.
  • I remember my granny.
  • I do the diwali pooja.

So how many types of prayers can there be in one’s life?

  • I-Know-I-Am-Wrong-But-Save-Me: We want this one to work like butter on bread. We know it is foolish to pray at the last minute but we still push our luck and want things to work out. This type of prayer may lead to false promises and cause foot in the mouth.
  • Sub-Conscious Prayer: This one takes place when a string from the sub conscious mind is hit. I still bow to the place there there used to be an old temple that I used to go to when I was at school. The place is petrol bunk but my head bows and I say a silent prayer while everyone laughs at me.
  • This-is-our-deity-offer-your-prayers: At times we are stuck in a situation where we need to pretend-pray because we dont want to hurt the other person. So we bow and say a prayer.
  • The-Elders-are-at-home-I-want-them-to-believe-I-am-the-best: This one happens when you want to be loved by everyone in the house. “Look at P aunty, she says her prayer before going to bed. Learn that from her, will you.” My chest just got bigger with that statement. We all want our relatives kids to get our example.
  • Ceremony Prayer: A beautiful wedding is taking place infront of you, all romantics land up wishing well for the couple [who is clueless by the way] That is the one that makes you wish genuinely well for everyone.
  • Helping someone in Need: It was my birthday eve and we saw an aged uncle push a car coz it wont start. I asked the husband to step out and help. He did and felt great about it. Later he remarked, “We might not light a lamp everyday but things like these are worth many many lamps lit. Thank you for the prayer.”
  • Forgiving: We are very stingy when it comes to easier ways of praying. We always want to go back to fasting then cooking up a feast and then fasting again so that you can enjoy the feast. If you can forgive someone who might have hurt you in the past/present, nothing can bring bigger joy.

These are all that I could think of 🙂 Do let post a comment if you come up with something.




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