Of Smells and memories and introspection

I came home to the waft of the dal boiling, veggies stir-frying and chapatis being doused generously in ghee. My face beams with happiness because how does mom always know that I am home. I wash my hands and face and apply the rose water that she has kept on the dressing table.

Mum puts put a plate with food to be offered to God first. I take it to the puja room and bow my head to the deity and bring back the plate.

Its my favourite food today. Dal tadka with coriander, aalu gobhi, chapati and sweet vermicelli.  The house is filled with warmth of love and smiles. I finish the food and she listens to all that I have to say. She does not question but has her way of telling me what is right and wrong and where my response could have been altered. The conversations that happened for that 30 min duration taught me a lot about life.

Today when I wake up or come back from office there is no one in the house. No one to tell me if my day could have been better, my responses could have been more mature or a skill that I need to pick up. Why do we live so away from the ones we love?

Money? Marriage? Better life? …. I still have not figured out.

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