The Al Pacino of Mints

Well the bad ass Mint is in town. Yeah you heard me right, I tried a mint at the Bangalore Airport a few days back and it literally took its job seriously.Β  \m/

A few days later I get a mail from Blogadda saying that I may apply to review the same Mint. Now come on who would not want that chance πŸ˜‰ So I did apply and got selected to be one of the 50 reviewers. So what is this new mint called? Why is there so much noise about it? See the pics to believe it my friend.

The fabulous packaging :D
The fabulous packaging πŸ˜€
The beauty in Black
The beauty in Black
Close up of what YOU shall really get in stores :)
Close up of what YOU shall really get in stores πŸ™‚

And finally the inside. [The pink and yellow tinge is of my phone cover :P ]
And finally the inside. [The pink and yellow tinge is of my phone cover πŸ˜› ]
Well I did do some research on peppermint first and got following facts:

  • It is a cross between Spearmint and mint.
  • Its a fast growing plant.
  • Varied uses- Personal care products, tea, aroma therapy, candy…

Why this mint is such a cool thing in my life??? Here is why- πŸ˜€

“Pehle mere friends jo smoke karte the unse mujhe nafrat thi.” [Earlier I used to hate the friends who used to smoke]

“Unmein se kitni baas aati thi.” [They used to smell really bad]

“Hamari dosti mein sutta daraar daal raha tha.” [Smokes were causing distance between us.]

“Phir mujhe mila Ultra Mintz, maine unko gift kiya.” [Then I found Ultra-Mintz and I gifted it to them.]

“Woh din aur aaj ka din, hamari dosti bahut tagdi ho gayi hai.” [Now we are really good friends again]

“Thank you Ultra Mintz”

“Jaaiye aaj hi apne aur apne pyaare doston ke liye laaiye Ultra Mintz.” [Go get your own pack of Ultra Mintz today]

The team went out for a hearty lunch and we were called for a meeting immediately post it. Now one would not want to give away the waft of the food you just devoured, right? Each of us popped in one of the mint and we strutted in the meeting room with a cool demeanor. Mint saves the day.

What do people look for to escape the breathe analyzers? Yeah yeah Mint it is, keep one of these in the car and “try” to save you r sorry ass for drunken driving. [The author does not support drunken driving, this is just a real time example.]

The back of the box says one of its contents “Polyols” may have laxative effects πŸ™‚ Need I say more?? Actually this is the inherent property of Mint it helps the bowels.

It comes in a sleek black box that is so cool. Each box contains 60 tabs and it comes for a price of INR50.

They are sugar free and are a brand from ITC. Do check their facebook page for cool Ultra mintz art.

The box itself shall make heads turn and they super strong mint inside is a blessing.

Hence I call it the Al Pacino of Mints πŸ˜€

Go grab one.



“I am reviewing mint-o Ultramintz as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda”


4 thoughts on “The Al Pacino of Mints

  1. I used to be a big time gum chewer in my grad school and in my first job! I would never tire of trying out a new one or chewing multiple flavours…And I would always keep looking for that extra punch…the difference between spearmint, peppermint, coolmint and all that…tea, coffee, icecream, cookies, doughnuts – everything had to be mint flavouredAh! that was a long time ago πŸ˜€ This post brought back some mint memories from my minty past πŸ˜›

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