[Blog-A-Prompt] Day 2: Thirst

Pani mein meen pyasi, Mohe sun sun aaye hasi

Aatam gyan bina nara bhatke, koi Mathura koi kashi

Jaise mriga naabhi kasturi, ban ban phirata udasi

The Fish are thirsty in the water; this is what makes me laugh. Without self realization man wanders from Mathura to Kashi like the Kasturi deer who does not realize the intoxicating scent is in its own self and wanders the forest in search of it. ~ Sant Kabir
We all have a thirst to find our passion, something that we will love to do/be a part of… More than often we forget that whatever it is that we think can make us happy is only a subset of a bigger universe. To be happy with something, we need to be happy with our-self.
Nothing can make up for a ruptured soul. Lets pull our socks and heal the wandering soul. 🙂

This post is a part of Marathon Bloggers’ Blog-A-Prompt.

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5 thoughts on “[Blog-A-Prompt] Day 2: Thirst

  1. The being happy within ourself part is the toughest!! Happiness due to external, material factors is easy. I hope I am able to figure out the secret to inner peace some day 🙂

  2. We need to meet more Pallavi :).. I always tell people happiness is the key, and being content is coming a lot more easily to me now ;).. maybe content=complacent sometimes but I’m working on it.

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