[Blog-A-Prompt] Day 1 : Colors

Okay I am late to write this but what the heck, I did make it to this post right? 😉

Past few days have given me an experience of a life time. Today I want to write about how people change their colors and turn out to be absolutely contrast.

I get really involved with people who walk in into my life. This habit is both Good and Bad. It is demotivating and rewarding at the same time.

Conversation Between Maid [M] and Me [P]

P: Why did you come late?

P: Stop grinning and dont walk when I am talking to you.

P: Batao to, atleast tell me, talk to me?

M: I dont have kids kya? I need to take care of them? You are only concerned about coming on time and informing you.

P: Why would you talk like that?

She continues with the work. When she is done with it,

M: I wont come from tomorrow onwards, my sister will come to collect my money.

Pati tried to reason with her but she was just not ready to listen. This episode has discouraged me from extending a hand to help people. She took many many advance salaries, cake for her Son’s birthday, I bought her veggies, clothes etc etc… I know a lot of other people would have been doing the same for her but what hurt me was the thanklessness.

She took one reckless decision and didnt bother to look back at how it would affect us. I am never going to call her and beg her to come back to work.

Dont we all face this day in and out? What has happened to genuine people?

This post is a part of Marathon Bloggers’ Blog-A-Prompt.

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7 thoughts on “[Blog-A-Prompt] Day 1 : Colors

  1. Hugs dear! I have a story too…She just vanished and never called/picked up the phone…But dont stop trusting people. There are better people too. Sometimes we just dont know the difference.

  2. Maid issues in general are just so difficult to handle. They never seem to open up themselves, but expect all kind if favours, and no qualms about asking for an advance ever!

  3. Its sad but I have been there done that so often that I dont know what to say. Everytime I get hurt and cheated by a maid I decide that next time I will not be so friendly with the new one but alas this is not in my nature.

    Hugs but be urself and dont change

  4. 😦 hugs!! I have faced it once with a cook. Don’t know what makes people become so rude and blunt but it hurts!! In my case also she decided abruptly to stop coming from the next day. What is worse is n saw her in the lift a few days later and asked her “Akka aap kyun nahi aaye? I missed you” and she looked the other way. I felt like shaking her up. Heartless ppl some of them are. But like Swathika says don’t stop trusting ppl. There are good ones too out there 🙂

  5. Same as what everyone above is saying Pallavi.. it does happen and it’s so upsetting when people are so thankless and rude. But once in a while you do come across someone loyal, and then try to hold on to them for life !! It’s impossible to change the way we behave I’m afraid.. we just have to keep hoping and remaining nice :).

  6. I have this problem with people that even after being paid well , they do not want to work or atleast be polite. As if everyone is doing a big favor on us by working.

  7. Most maids believe its their right to make demands and more often than not take it for granted that their requests pointed or indirect be fulfilled. But heaven forbid you ask them why they are late and you automatically turn villain… hang in there…

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