Moral or No Moral…

There are times when we look back on incidents where we failed/succumbed to pressure/gave up something that we absolutely loved to do and joined the herd.

I have one such incident that pains incredibly. Ever since I turned 3, my granny took me to a summer camp dance class behind our house. I didnt understand all that first but then I loved standing in the front row, getting decked up, parents clicking pictures, getting certificates etc etc.

When I started growing up my granny decided that I should take up regular classes with my school. So 5-6pm when other kids were playing I was learning Kathak. However whenever a mark was less in a dictation, mum used to pull me out. Hence there was a race in my mind to do well academically and artistically too. Times changed when I was in standard 9 and people across town used to address mom and dad with my name. They were more proud than ever. Soon my younger sister joined the ranks and we were performing together.  With Standard 12th I completed the kathak exams too. I was asked to go to Allahabad to pursue the interest upto a post grad level, but I was sent to delhi for B Com graduation at a reputed college of DU.

Out of all the days I spent at DU the ones I remember the most are 3 days when I got to perform on the stage. [One day per year] It was a super awesome moment for me to return to the claps and cheer. Then I went off the Hyderabad to do my masters, Kathak practice went down hill from there. It makes me very sad to write this post.

I have a very loving husband who has been egging me to start the practice again. I am sure the voice from inside shall push me to do it one day soon. 🙂

Moral for me is that hobbies are very precious and very few people are good at it, never give up on it.

No Moral for you is that, oh she must dance. Okay whatever another rant post.

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