Q for Quiet time

Today at work we all were sent a quiet time request. It is basically a training session where we are quiet and a management thinker speaks to us. Today we were told about the 21 things leaders must not do. The session was a recorded video of Marshall Goldsmith.


Let me list them for you here:

  1. Winning too Much
  2. Adding too much value
  3. Telling the world just how smart we are
  4. Passing too much judgement
  5. Destructive comments
  6. That’s great, but…
  7. Speaking when angry/out of control
  8. Playing favorites
  9. Punishing the messenger
  10. Failing to give recognition
  11. making Excuses
  12. Not listening
  13. Passing the Buck
  14. Negativity
  15. Refusing to express regret
  16. Failure to express gratutude
  17. Withholding information
  18. Claiming credit we dont deserve
  19. Clinging to the past
  20. Excessive need to me ME
  21. Goal Obsession.

So what did you do with your quiet time today?

This post is a past of A-Z Blogging challenge.




12 thoughts on “Q for Quiet time

  1. Some wonderful pointers. It is so very important to be quiet for a while and think and ponder on our day, our dealings with people….to re-think on our decisions and behaviour…

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