P for Pervert

Do you remember a time when a stranger’s reaction/action made you so made that you wanted to rip his head off? I remember one such case.

I was travelling from Mumbai to Pune in a bus. I got down happily at the Pune bus stop and was trying to get an auto. Out the blue I felt someone pinch my butt. I could not spot that person, he could have been one in the hundreds of men that were at that bus stop. I threw money on the auto driver and asked me to take me to the guest house where I was supposed to be.

I cried the entire time I was in the auto, it gives me the creeps when some stranger tries to touch me or brush against me. I am very careful on the road but what can one do at an instance like this? I am a 28 year old married woman who was weeping in a strange city where she had gone to finish some work.

I also remember the time when I had been 12-13 and an elderly gentleman who was well known to my grandmother  asked me to sit next to him and he was trying to search for my breasts….. Why on Earth would you do that to a child and scar her for life?

There are a lot of us who face these things day in and out… Is Education as answer to this? I am not sure. I am not out here to seek answers and consolation as well. This post was only to vent out what I had been thinking all this while but not sharing.

Do not comment here things like, you will be fine soon, much worse happens to people, you are in a better place, forget and move on…. NO… Instead you dont comment here and move on.!!

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This post is a past of A-Z Blogging challenge.




11 thoughts on “P for Pervert

  1. Yes, I have gone through similar incidents. I wonder when these men will get their just desserts! We need a very strong punishment meted out to them because unless they realize that there is serious consequence to their actions, they will never stop!

  2. No girl/woman is there who must not have faced all these and many more. I even have encountered men in buses poking their penis at my body. Latter on i used to carry safety pin with me. This is so sick. I even write a post on it. I don’t know when will the men learn to behave. i guess they never will.

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