L for Lallygagging

This old word generally means wasting time.

Source: Google

People usually waste time-

  • while looking for the remote
  • taking long coffee breaks at work
  • talking for hours everyday on phone
  • in the aisles of supermarket
  • window shopping
  • office politics
  • doing out of job work [even when you have shit loads of work] eg Facebook, twitter, stumble upon etc
  • playing online games
  • watching videos/movies at work

Major reasons why people waste time:

  • Bored
  • work does not interest anymore
  • dis-interested
  • they get distracted
  • personal issues
  • no incentives
  • no work satisfaction
  • office politics
  • laziness

So, why did you waste your time today?

This post is a past of A-Z Blogging challenge.




11 thoughts on “L for Lallygagging

  1. Another new word to learn. (I call it blobbing). Sometimes blobbing is entirely needed and therapeutic. Right now I’m unemployed and looking for work, so blobbing and totally loving it.

  2. This is a new word for me too, this challenge has kept me very busy, there was not much time to waste. Thanks for sharing !

  3. Time spent drinking tea/coffee is time well spent for me. I love connecting with friends and family by calling personally which is not often, and hence the conversations are long. Others maybe yes.

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