I for Item Number

Do not read this post from an “Item” angle. It is for pure appreciation of these peppy numbers.

This particular song of a film in bollywood may have nothing to do with the film plot. It is usually kept at a strategic location with a semi clad lady making unusual noises and signs.

Do not get scared, the number shall be really peppy and make you tap your feet. You might not be able to catch all the steps but you shall certainly remember one step from the song that is repeated a zillion times.

There may/may not be a male character who shall try to take the center place in the song at various ocassions, but your eyes still search for the eye candy [Salman Khan is an exception, even Kareena Kapoor thinks he is an eye candy πŸ˜‰ ]

Source: Google

From Vaijanti Mala to Waheeda Rehman to Madhumati to Helen to Sridevi to Madhuri Dixit to Karisma Kapoor to Malika Arora Khan all have had their fair share of the “Item”.

Source: Google

However a lot of new actors/dancers on the block seem to have a keen interest to use item numbers as a short cut to working in the Hindi Film Industry. They agree to do “not so family friendly” moves and wear outrageous clothes too. You are free to switch channels or close your eyes.Β  Sometimes even established actors do so.

Source: Google

These songs are here for good I say. Like it or hate it, we sure cant ignore it. πŸ™‚

This post is a past of A-Z Blogging challenge.




18 thoughts on “I for Item Number

  1. I am not getting into the item part of these songs….but think few are really peppy & foot tapping….but most of them are corny trash!!!…but yes we cannot ignore them πŸ™‚

  2. Most of these item songs are fast and peppy when you listening to them (Of course, i choose to ignore the lyrics) but when you watch them, it is another story, some are so crass, that they make you cringe!

  3. I have nothing against item songs but I felt highlyyyyyyyyy irritated by that aiyya song– looked like downfall of prithviraj who actlly is a good actor

    It was very uncomfortable to watch this if any one else was in room but thankfully we have remost. Nothing against many other songs. Neutral

  4. The lyrics grate in my ears for days to come and sure sounds really bad coming from a child’s mouth, but well, who am I to judge. The censor board approves and BO soars! So here’s to item numbers!!


  5. I don’t mind peppy numbers but some of the lyrics are awful really… and when small kids catch on to them… sigh… an adult movie is marked as A however… its trailers can be shown on TV to kids 24 hours a day… I find that quite ridiculous.. !

  6. I only like the tunes in the “item” numbers. The visuals, lyrics and actions are usually vulgar. I get grossed out seeing little kids perform these for fun. That said, these are meant to appeal to the masses. Yikes

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