H for Hangry

Do you know how this word is made?

Hungry + Angry = Hangry

This is a phase when you-

  • Are in the initial phase of a new diet.
  • are fasting for some reason.
  • your time zone has shifted

Did you feel Hangry today?

This post is a past of A-Z Blogging challenge.




16 thoughts on “H for Hangry

  1. i thought it was husband and hungry — but that would still make him hun-gry.
    and him getting angry in the process wouldnt help.

    esp if i was hangry myself

  2. Hangry applies to me entirely, truely, completely… πŸ˜›
    My friends who otherwise have never seen me angry or shout had a tough time when we’d been shopping and my request for food was being put off!!
    A nice meal and then I was back to normal πŸ™‚ Still pity them πŸ™‚

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