G is for Gratitude

Are we teaching our kids to feel what “thank you” is? Or are we still pushing them in front of friends, relatives and strangers to say thank you?

Gratitude cannot be pestered out of a person, it needs to be understood and felt. I feel it is one of the most important quality that the world needs.

Why am I dragging the kids here, adults need to learn about it too. It not only helps to build and strengthen relationships but it also.Β  It is a healthy habit, makes you smile more which in turns pumps more blood in you πŸ˜‰

So did you express gratitude to someone today?


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16 thoughts on “G is for Gratitude

  1. You are spot on when you say Gratitude needs to be understood and felt. The best part about gratitude is that it turns your crummy mood into a good one in minutes !

  2. We start with the “have you said thank you” and move on to why did you just thank the person. And finallly, ask them to think how they felt. So yes, its a process. But as adults we most often slide back to phase 1. And that’s where we ought to change ourselves. Liked it Pallo-ben!

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