F for Frenemy

Yes I am a Sex and the City fan and thats where I picked this word from. A friend that is also an enemy. Somehow that are nice but still bring you down.

I have a couple [2 to be precise] hence here are the traits:

  • They throw buttered stones at you.
  • They tell you what the right thing is but in the meanest way possible.
  • They draw unusually annoying conclusions out of your statement.
  • They are loud and over the top. [Well usually I dont get along with such people]
  • You turn competitive when you are with them.
  • They ALWAYS have “I told you so” face on.
  • When they make a mistake it is not a big deal. God Forbid if you make one, your life isย  hell.
  • They help you and you have good time with them but there is some mistrust between you two.

So, do you have frenemies?

This post is a past of A-Z Blogging challenge.




12 thoughts on “F for Frenemy

  1. we all have frenemies but some times IF U KNOW wat they r up to its fun to deal with them purposely behaving to get a output U want is fun !
    I read in a book once “Its lucky to have friends who keep their I TOLD U sos ” to them selves
    came from A to z

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