D for Desert

Desert to me is :

  • A vast canvas ready to be painted with love.
  • An ever changing picture
  • A warm undertone
  • A perfect place to do a roast
  • Hot, unbearable heat
  • Tents, dim lights, stars and cold sand.
  • Camels
  • Mirage
  • Prince’s and Wars
  • Colorful turbans
  • Leaving someone
  • Feeling alone
  • Wry disappointments
  • Golden sand
  • A mystry
  • A history
  • A secret

I come from Rajasthan but I have never seen a desert in my entire life. You may want to call me a fake then, hold on hold on.

I come from Udaipur the City of lakes. The northern Rajasthan folks often complain of how water bodies have found a home in this valley leaving them parched. But truth is they wont give up the deserts for anything. Deserts mean much much more than one can imagine.




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