C for Callous Autodrivers

I HATE THE AUTO DRIVERS IN BANGALORE. Period. I have met decent ones once in a blue moon but they are such a rare sighting that I am losing hope on mankind.

Few hours back I was desperate to reach some place quickly. I stopped 7 autos and they all didnt even bother to reply and drove off.

Who gave them this right to treat people so bad? They dont take us anywhere for free. It is always 10-20 Rs more than meter or an amount that makes you slap them right across the face.

So hence it is time for my Letters of Rant- LOR#3

Oh you greedy bag of crap,

Shame on you.


Bangalore’s junta that is perpetually harassed by you.




6 thoughts on “C for Callous Autodrivers

  1. Hahahahaha. I lived in Jaipur for about 3 months and have been to other parts of India as well (Calcutta, Darjeeling, Pedong, Silguri). Sounds like you were having a bad auto day eh.

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