A for Abandoned Ship

When the Lovely Monica told me about this A-Z blogging, I quickly took out my “Blog notebook” [it is as sacred to me as the black book for guys]. I jotted down A-Z and wrote a word against each. This is my preparation ground for any blogging marathon that I am in. I easily wrote from B-J but nothing stuck for A. Aah… Google came to rescue. I conveniently typed, words starting with A and clicked on Search. I was fearing a LOL from google for this but what the heck I got hits in micro seconds. One word out of the thousands of words on that one page that stayed with me was Abandoned ship. So it became by A 🙂

Abandoned ship for me is a metaphor for something you leave unattended once you lose interest/charm.

For that that would be a couple of things:

  • Dancing. Damn I loved it A LOT then what happened? Why did I stop learning it. I discontinued it in 2002. I was a mini celeb then and I am behind a laptop now.
  • Blogging. I didnt blog for a couple of years. Why did I do that? May be because I had no inspiration. But then if I look back now, how come there is so much now? It was always there. I didnt look for it properly.
  • Forgiving. I could never forgive people who hurt my mom.




3 thoughts on “A for Abandoned Ship

  1. I found your blog post interesting, thanks for sharing ! forgiving was the most difficult thing for me to do, but I have learnt over a period of time in my life, that it is better to travel light and let go of all the burden, we carry – it frees us to be oursleves, you made me think…

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