Soldier for women

The term Soldier for women is really powerful. It neither means that men are the owners of the women in their life, nor it implies that women are meek. It purely wants to tune the mindset of the coming generations and the current one to the fact that women need to be cared for and protected. I salute Blog Adda and Gillette India for this initiative.

We all go by our daily lives every day without noticing the good deeds of a stranger. Here is me saluting the men I dont know but their actions have proved to be that of a Soldier for Women.

Soldier #1- The bus conductor who stood between the rogue and the school girl.

Soldier #2- The Auto wala who insisted we don’t take a shortcut at 11 pm.

Soldier #3- The lift boy who stopped the lift and asked the nuisance maker to step off.

Soldier #4- The big shot who stepped out of his fancy car to pull a girl out of a mob.

Soldier #5- The bus driver who refused to drive until the eve teasers stepped down.

Soldier #6- The office security guard who escorted the lady employee to her door because there was a power cut in the building.

Soldier #7- The traffic police man who beat the eve teasers black and blue.

Soldier #8- The gol gappe wala bhaiya who refused to serve to the men who tried to feel the girls.

Soldier #9-  The apartment security guard who was behind the cable guy like a shadow when the lady was alone in the house.

Soldier #10- The grandpa who gave a reassuring smile to a strange girl in a compartment that had many boys.

May we not forget to look for these heroes in our everyday life.
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