Of Posts, comments and followers

Oh I am kinda mad at the people who force people to follow the blog at multiple places and comment ALL THE TIME.

Once in a while one needs to ask oneself, “Why am I blogging?” Once that is clear I guess this nag for comments and followers shall come down.

Treat your blog like a plant/tree. Posts are the leaves and fruits. Comments are the birds who build their nests on the firm branches. Followers are the people who find some respite under the tree. Respect your blog as it is a fragment of your mind and thoughts.

I really dont want to preach on this topic. To each his own, I guess 🙂




5 thoughts on “Of Posts, comments and followers

  1. Gee I sure like your blog. Ha ha, the irony of the comment. I found this on Nimue’s blog… have to agree, it’s hard to subscribe to a blog on Twitter or Pinterest or whatever. Then you must sign in to comment, etc.

    I do value feedback; very often, someone will catch a typo or offer a different point of view that challenges me. I’m lucky, because my blog has poetry about mental disorders, child sexual abuse, my alcoholic mom, BIG opinions about politics and some religion… and people don’t seem to give me crap. I encourage people to subscribe only if they want to. Thx for the rant = that’s another thing I write!! Peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore

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