Being married to a sales guy

A lot of people feel sad for me when I tell them that the pati works in sales and marketing. Well then I break into a grin to avoid their reaction to his schedules, his work life balance, his habits etc.

I am sorry to say but you are no one to know how we deal with it. In the hindsight if I think about it, it is a blessing to be married to someone who is not in my field. I would not want to spend my evening with him trying to figure out “how to solve my wife’s office work dilemma”. It is not that I dont share office things with him but they are on a more seasoned level than grassroot. I know that I cannot go to him for an IT implementation related issue but I certainly can go to him with a project communication issue. Here is my list of things I learnt when I married a sales guy.

  • They might not be very good at remembering personal things but they shall remember everything professional.
  • They know which calls to avoid and how.
  • They shall talk their way out things.
  • They are damn good listeners but poor followers.
  • They shall so anything to make their voice count.
  • They might not be able to switch their cellphones off but can sure turn the volume down. 😉
  • The kind of professional network that they have is good enough to even bail them at odd hours.
  • They believe in solidarity and persistence.

There will always be downside to a profession/position but when you gotta love it, you gotta fine ways to love it 🙂




5 thoughts on “Being married to a sales guy

  1. Hahaha, i was very clear that i will never marry an IT guy but i ended up marrying one, they say love is blind 😉 I totally agree with “There will always be downside to a profession/position but when you gotta love it, you gotta fine ways to love it”

  2. Yes, I used to wonder how sometimes colleagues in the same project got married and continued to work together too :). Guess they managed to find the charm in that too, to each their own!

  3. My husband and I too work completely different lines and what connects us on the professional level is that both are jobs are based in creativity… we both relate to the problems we face in our respective jobs, deadlines, politics et al… like you said, every profession has its downside but we learn to look at the upside…

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