Locks and Relationships….

I was happily stumbling upon my interests and the strangest memory flashed itself.

My dadi always made sure that we paid the money for the locks [Mostly luggage locks] that we borrow from a reletive/close friend/well wisher.

Since those people never took money for them, she insisted and paid atleast Rs10. Her logic for this was “Rishton pe taale lag jaate hain.” [If you dont pay for the locks, your relationships are lost and locked away]

Strange how small things mean so much to us and the people we love. Since the time I have learnt this, I shamelessly ask for the Rs 10 for the lock that I give to a friend/relative/well wisher.

What about the relationships that are locked by us intentionally? Or the ones that lock us out intentionally? There can be no charge for such feelings/pain.

I am sure the person I am referring to shall read this somehow owing to my “bright” internet presence. Well this one is for you.




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