Valentines day 2013

Aaah today is the day when people in general express the love for one another in fashion they seem perfect.

The pati and I have had a really really busy couple of weeks. Visiting families, friends weddings, cousin’s weddings, running to get the passport renewed… etc etc

Today morning I came back from my best friend’s wedding. It was a telegu wedding which was at Hyderabad [More on this in a bit].

My train arrived at 6.45 am. Pati made sure there was a cab waiting for me to take me home as he was flying back from Chennai in 2 hours. The plan was I would be dropped and then cab would go to get him from Airport. I decided to give it a twist, got ready in 15 min and jumped in the car to go to the airport. The one hour we spent in the cab together was the highlight of the day. I have forgotten all the tiredness from the travel and the wedding. Just spending time with each other seems to be most rewarding this year.

Happy Valentines Day Guys. How are you celebrating it? 🙂 [Though we dont need a particular day to celebrate love but what the heck]

Well I did send him something he wanted for a long time.


3 thoughts on “Valentines day 2013

  1. Had plans for a breakfast together with him but his work and my work schedules have made sure we will not be meeting till monday .. I am working even on weekends *sob*
    but what the heck , it be more special meeting each other after the break !

    Happy V day and love every-day to u and your pati 🙂

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